CS190: Introduction to Python

A R'Course aimed towards introducing you to the power of programming through a project based learning environment.

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About CS190: Introduction to Python

Introduction to Python is a UC Riverside R'Course. The course will be offered for the first time in Winter 2018. The course is aimed towards introducing programming to students outside of computer science and engineering. By taking this course, you will build a foundation to be able to use programming in your respective field.

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Course Info

Name John Pham
Email jpham035@ucr.edu
Office Hours By appointment
Meeting Times Wednesdays, 11AM - 12PM, Winston Chung 127

This course was created with the support of ACM@UCR, Department of Computer Science, and GitHub Education.



Slides will be released on a rolling basis

Jupyter Notebooks (pdf exports)

Full notebooks can be found on JupyterHub under /assignments