JohnPham @UCRiverside

Birdy Search

A search engine indexer and web app for Twitter Tweets built using Apache Lucene and Vue.js

Demo GitHub

BCOE Leadership Council Website

Web app used as a landing page and provides tooling for student organizations to manage their activities

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BioHack 2018

1st Place

SeeFood is a nutrition tracker that uses computer vision and neural networks to identify what you're eating and provide nutritional information.

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LA Hacks 2018

Coolors.AI allows you to generate the perfect color scheme from you training a neural network.

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Hoike adds audio visualizing and helps teach new people learn by lighting up fret positions.

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BioHack 2018 Website

BioHack focuses on an event where students can create medically innovative projects and technologies with the freedom of their creativity.

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HackUCI 2018

Best .Tech Project

ChitChat is an anonymous chatting application to help students fight the "this is a stupid question" problem in the classroom.

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AccuTrack 2

AccuTrack2 was made to replace the pen and paper sign in process for class attendance. Currently being used by UC Riverside.


C-SAMBA Website

This website provides a public facing presence for the research group's activities and an internal tool for infrastructure management.


Video Computing Group Website

This website acts as the research group's online presence.


UC Riverside Online Parking Checker

This tool was made to help faculty and students find parking.


ACM Billboard

Local Hack Day 2017

Created for a physical display for the ACM clubroom to highlight the students of BCOE, ACM events, the club room usage, and announcements.

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ACM Bingo

Local Hack Day 2017

Created as a game to increase engagement with attendees during club meetings.


Twitch Sense

TwitchCon Hackathon 2017

This tool analyzes a Twitch channel's chat room and provides analytics and live triggers for the streamer

GitHub DevPost

Citrus Hack 2017 Website

Landing page and registration site for Citrus Hack 2017

Demo GitHub


BCG Digital Venture's Dappathon 2017

Created an Ethereum Dapp that allows users to track where their or their love one's organs are during the donation process and allow medical centers to use tokens to request for organs from organ collection centers.


PennApps 2017

Best Data Visualization

Built using React.js and WebGL, this tool allows users to aggregate job listings across Indeed and LinkedIn and view the listings in a visual, interactive way.

DevPost GitHub


HackUCI 2017

A high performing Facebook page scraper for comments and reactions.


Theta Tau Inventathon Website

Website built as a landing page and registration platform for a quater long hackathon.

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Cutie Hack Swag Spinner

Created as a tabling activity to get people interested in hackathons.

Demo GitHub

Beta Alpha Psi Website

Informational website


Mood Forecast

/Hack 2016

Sentiment analysis on Tweets in selected geographical regions for consensus research.

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